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What is a Facilitator?

If you often find that your meetings or conferences don’t end up achieving their purpose, intended goals or expectations you may be interested in how a facilitator could help.

In most meetings, at least one person thinks out loud. And invariably, there are much quieter, more reflective people who have great insights but don’t speak up. This imbalance is the reason so many meetings fail to achieve their potential.  

How a good night’s sleep can benefit your work productivity

There is no denying that having a good night’s sleep helps to benefit all aspects of your life, from your physical and mental health, relationships with your family and your productivity levels. The same can be said about your work productivity because you will be alert and able to complete tasks better. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, just 13 minutes of extra sleep per night can increase productivity by 2.3%. 

Activity days your team will love

If you own a company, it’s important that you decide to incorporate team days throughout the year. As well as the fun this will bring to the team, it will lead to increased communication, planning skills, employee motivation and collaboration. This helps employees to see each other in a different light, other than the standard office routine where they are used to. 

This all ties into effective team building, which works in with both work and colleague relationships.

Key questions to ask employees when checking in on team wellbeing

If you own a business, one of the most important aspects is to check in on your team’s well-being. This allows for a transparent relationship in the workplace, as well as setting a clear example for new starters so they know that they can talk to their peers about any concerns they might have. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, which is 14.7%. This shows the value of ensuring there is a transparent relationship with the well-being of a team.  

As well as increasing team morale, this will lead to team members staying in the company for longer, due to a healthy team culture. 

Winter Working: Managing Office Life and Mental Health When Outdoors is Limited

Winter brings with it many challenges for those confined to an office job. Shorter days, colder temperatures and less time spent outdoors can significantly impact mental well-being. For many office workers, the winter season can exacerbate feelings of isolation and burnout. However, with intentional planning and a few creative strategies, you can find ways to make the most of the limited outdoor opportunities winter has to offer.

5 Strategies to manage the winter months

  1. Prioritize Natural Light
  2. Schedule Outdoor Breaks
  3. Be Flexible with Work Hours
  4. Connect with Nature Indoors
  5. Virtual Social Interaction
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How Does a Lack Of Sleep Hinder Productivity? How to Fix It

A lack of sleep can have a negative effect on productivity. Sleep loss can make it harder to maintain focus at work, attention, and vigilance. The body will be using more energy to stay awake, having a bad effect on productivity in the workplace. Not to mention the decreased level of communication with colleagues also, which can lead to poor work outcomes. Sleep deprivation is something many people suffer with 1 in 3 adults in the United States struggling to sleep according to the National Institutes of Health. 

If you need help improving your sleep, consider some sleep coaching to help you sleep better. 

What is a conference facilitation and how can it impact a conference?

Conference facilitation refers to the process of guiding and managing a conference or event to ensure its smooth and effective execution, which is often linked with a successful conference. A conference facilitator, also known as a conference moderator or facilitator, is an individual or a team responsible for orchestrating the flow of the conference, managing discussions, engaging participants, and fostering collaboration among attendees conference’s objectives.

Tips for a Successful Conference Facilitation

Conferences can be busy events, therefore it is important to have a strict schedule during the conference to ensure the smooth running of the event, which will benefit not only the attendees, but also the speakers themselves. This can make the difference between your event being memorable and forgotten. 

Keep on reading to find out some of the best tips for a successful conference facilitation.

How to develop your team and increase productivity in your workforce

Having a team that helps increase productivity is no easy task, however, it can be very rewarding if your team is as productive as they can be. This can lead to increased satisfaction in a team, knowing they are able to maximise their potential, increasing productivity. 

Keep on reading to learn some tips and tricks on how to develop your team and increase productivity in your workforce. 


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