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Building high performing teams and creating great workplaces shouldn’t have to cost a great deal of time or money. Here are some inexpensive or free resources we’d like to share with you.

  • Innocent Success Video

    Innocent Success Video

    This short film tells the story of how three friends turned £500 and an idea into a £100 million business in just 7 years.

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  • Trust Unwrapped Book
    RRP £12.99

    Trust Unwrapped Book

    Trust is the glue that holds a team together and it’s the most valuable element in a brand. It’s also fragile and hard to build. This book examines how trust can be built and broken in business.

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  • Teams: A Short Guide Book
    RRP £7.99

    Teams A Short Guide

    This guide is so concise it can be read in a lunch hour, yet it contains valuable insights that will help you and your team to thrive.

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  • Free Team Building Activities

    Team Building Activities

    Here’s a selection of team building activities that will energise your next team meeting, conference or training session.

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  • Sleep Seminar
    From just £19 +VAT per participant for a 45 minute session (min 10 participants)

    Team Building Sleep Coaching

    Our online and interactive Sleep Seminars share the value of good rest alongside techniques to sleep better and eliminate daytime tiredness.

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  • Team Articles/Guides

    Team Building Guides

    We’ve spent over two decades helping teams to develop; along the way we’ve observed some of the factors that contribute most to their progress or failure. These articles explore the subject in depth.

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    Team Building Events

    The Fresh Tracks team building blog is a growing collection of team development news, opinions, tips and advice.

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We hope that these free team building exercises and resources will help you to lead your team more effectively. If you’d like to be kept updated of new resources and to have access to our latest thinking please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn