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Team Articles/Guides

Here are some key article and guides on team development. We hope that you find them helpful.

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Making Virtual Teams Work

With globalisation and the emergence of ever-improving mobile technology, an increasing number of teams are made up of team members that don’t sit in the same office, town or even continent.

These could be project teams, virtual shared service centres or a field sales force. There’s no doubt that like conventional teams the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. For these remote or virtual teams to be effective there are some critical points that they must address.

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10 Tips To Stop Being A Busy Fool

I thought smartphones, Microsoft Outlook and open plan offices were all supposed to save us time and make us more efficient. Yet most of the middle managers I come across seem to be busier, more stressed and consequently more indecisive than ever before.

Perhaps it’s time to challenge the status quo. After all a packed diary might fool some into thinking we are successful but in truth it simply says we have no time to seize new opportunities, think creatively or sit down with a colleague in need. I’m always impressed that most CEO’s I deal with can make time to meet within a few days. Not so with the majority of ‘rising leaders’ who can rarely consider scheduling a meeting until “next month at the earliest.”

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Could ‘Trust’ be the key to get us out of recession?

Trust in banks and business is at an all time low with 62%* of Americans stating that they don’t trust business to do what is right. Dan Collins author of Trust Unwrapped and a successful entrepreneur in his own right argues that this presents an opportunity for recovery.

I’m not sure I’ve ever really trusted banks, not since the £1200 cheque I wrote to pay for the first consignment of stock in my fledgling business was bounced, back in 1992.

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Built for speed

Established pharma has much to learn from the innovative biotech sector

Recession drives change in a number of ways. In the biotech sector, previously well-funded enterprises are now finding themselves short of cash and suddenly very open to partnerships, mergers and even acquisition by large pharma companies.

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