The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is a new large group team building event from Fresh Tracks that demonstrates the power of cooperation and the risks and pressure associated with working in large groups.  Small teams must contribute to the whole whilst competing to build the most impressive exhibit, all the while balancing the risk that one misplaced domino could cause the entire display to falter. Group cooperation is key to team success.

Large Group Team BuildingTeams of six spend at least 30 minutes designing their own unique display of toppling dominos. They are then assigned their place in the final display area in which they must build their exhibit, safely connecting with those of adjacent teams.  The event concludes with the dramatic display as the first domino is toppled and the ‘Domino Effect’ begins. Teams work together to create a pattern or stunt within the space, time and quantity of dominoes they have available.  The more complex the display the more testing and refining will be needed requiring teams to carefully organise their roles and resources. The scoring criteria is based upon complexity and spectacle, with teams able to access pre-made props or create their own.

 An excellent activity, just the right exercise for this group of managers.  It dramatically illustrated the effect one mistake can have on the whole organisation whilst also showing how good it feels to co-operate.”

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