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Team Building Programmes

Whilst we can learn a lot from doing, we find that time spent reflecting, alongside these shared experiences, brings a deeper level of understanding, trust and motivation. By blending practical experiences with facilitated, sometimes challenging discussions, we create powerful shared memories which go beyond good intentions to actions.

Team Development Overview

Bruce Tuckman Forming Storming ConceptIn 1965 Bruce Tuckman said that teams go through four stages – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Wherever your team is in the cycle, taking some time to build relationships, clarify goals and discover one another’s strengths is essential to maintaining your team’s productivity.

There are a number of interventions that can help achieve this to suit different objectives and budgets.

The links on the right have information on some of the specific team building programmes we offer.

Sample Team Building Programme

09.00 – Fresh Tracks Welcome and Introduction
Icebreaker: “Amazing Secrets”
A fun activity that demonstrates that we all have hidden qualities and that very often our perceptions of others are incorrect.

09:30 – Energiser
A simple team challenge gets the group working together and focusing on the main themes of communication, trust and contribution. We review not just the outcome but also the process, exploring what decisions were taken and why.

10.15 – Facilitated Discussion: “Characteristics of Outstanding Teams”.
The group suggests examples of great teamwork and considers what factors influence the best teams. This is followed by a discussion on the nature and examples of highly effective teams with distinctions drawn between skills and attitudes.

10:45 – Tea/Coffee Break

11.00 – SDI Analysis & Review
We suggest the inclusion of a questionnaire or psychometric such as the Strength Deployment Inventory to help identify particular behaviour patterns, strengths and weaknesses within your team. We then look at how these behaviours and strengths can complement one another to strengthen and develop the team. By reviewing the exercises with these behaviours in mind, this session encourages individuals to become more aware of their own strengths and behaviours and how these can be adapted to accommodate the needs of the team and wider business.

13.00 – Lunch

14:00 – Review of the morning’s findings
A chance for the team to discuss learning from the morning’s sessions.

14:30 – Team Challenge: “Lego Arch”
We move on to a challenge that requires forward planning and communication: teams must build a floor standing arch large enough to enable two team members to pass underneath. The task begins with a planning phase during which the teams can refine their design and calculate their expected costs. Having submitted their estimated profit based on the number of bricks used and time spent building, the timed construction phase begins. On completion, actual build time, materials used and profitability are compared to the written estimates and discrepancies discussed. Finally each arch is put to the test.

15:30 – Afternoon Tea and Concertina Feedback
Over tea we encourage positive feedback by members of the group on each individual participant.

16:00 – Team Challenge: “Group Juggling”
Begins with smaller groups and just one bean bag per person, building to a point where the whole team simultaneously juggles two bean bags each around a circle. Co-ordination, support and pin sharp timing are required to succeed at this challenge, it may take a little while but when it goes right the feelings of elation and achievement are unforgettable.

16:20 – Individual Action Plan: “Letters Home”
To conclude, each individual writes a private letter to themselves in which they answer questions such as: “What contribution to the day am I most proud of?”; “What do I regret doing/saying or not doing/saying?”; “In future I’d like to be more …….”; “I’d like to stop ………. and start ………”. These letters are sealed and will be posted by Fresh Tracks to their home address in one month’s time.

16:40 – Group Action Plan
In a final session we look at how learning can be linked back to the workplace with achievable goals that will reinforce key findings from the day’s programme.

17:00 – Close and Depart