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Take the Team Health Check

Simply create a team name and get all team members to individually fill in the questionnaire below and click send. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes for each person to complete.

When all surveys have been submitted we will compile a report to email to the team leader. You can see an example of a team report here. The report will highlight your team strengths and areas for improvement, which you can then use as a spring board for team discussion and development. If you want to see your team morale improving then simply take the team health check every month or so!

If you have any questions do call us on 0845 287 7281 or email us at mail@freshtracks.co.uk.

Each team member please complete

How long have you been a member of the team?:
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I'm well suited to the role I perform:
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I would describe one or more of my team mates as friends:
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Mistakes are forgiven in this team:
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I've received praise from another team member this past week:
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This team is pulling together towards the same goal:
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My ideas and opinions are listened to:
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I get candid feedback from colleagues:
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We put the needs of the team ahead of our own:
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Team meetings are energising:
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The purpose of this team is:

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