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Fresh Tracks

Facilitating Adventurous Conversations

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Fresh Tracks facilitate conversations that connect, motivate and challenge.

Humans need to belong. Humans have always needed tribes. ― Richard Paul Evans

How to Foster Connection

Now more than ever we need to feel connected to our colleagues and to the organisation’s purpose.

With skilful facilitation of people and technology we can achieve this even more effectively than we have in the past.

Working with you, we design and facilitate conferences that are anything but ‘Death by PowerPoint’.  Instead they are energising days where your audience will not just hear your key message. Through discussion and activity they will embrace, adopt and act to implement the changes required to grow your business.

  • Interactive polling from smart phones gives everyone a voice
  • Smaller groups creates a greater sense of belonging
  • Open and flexible agenda create space for conversations that solve problems and innovate improvements
  • Time off screens and interacting builds trust
  • Strategic messages can be shared, consistently, concurrently thereby rapidly achieving consensus
  • Establish a shared understanding of purpose, ambiguity is reduced, effort becomes more focused

We facilitate light hearted energisers to break the ice at the start and to  wake up tired minds later in the day.  By posing discussion questions, we engage the audience in the issues, generating effective solutions with a sense of ownership.

If you would like to find out more about facilitation and how we can ensure your company conference, event or team building exercise can achieve the most positive outcomes then please give us a call, or there is more information by clicking one of the links below.