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About Us

Are you following a strategy or going on an adventure?

We don’t dislike strategies but they can be a bit boring, often confusing and sometimes misunderstood by the people at the frontline of your organisation.

We prefer to think about the journey to growing your business as an adventure. Along the way you will meet inspiring people, see new places and encounter unique experiences. Often exciting, sometimes frightening. In every case these challenges present an opportunity to learn and to develop, which in turn will grow your organisation.

In the same way that a guide can highlight the unique features of a tourist destination our facilitators are skilled at making your people curious. They will begin to seek out new ways of working, improve processes and drive up quality.

Our journey as a business started in 1991, we literally took people on fresh tracks using a fleet of four wheel drive vehicles to replicate the fun of an off-road expedition. Groups learned to communicate, plan routes, manage unforeseen obstacles and discover the value of having fun together.

Experiential learning has continued to play a significant part in our work. We might use an activity to reinforce a key message at your managers conference, use practical scenarios to allow new leaders to learn from their mistakes in safe environment or simply take a walk with a CEO to talk through what might be possible on her next adventure.

Based in beautiful Hertfordshire countryside halfway between London and Cambridge. We feed off the energy emanating from these two world class cities, whilst maintaining our perspective amidst our natural surroundings.

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I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I cannot believe how much you managed to cram into the session in the end. I loved the fact that the activities were so varied. I found it incredibly useful and learned a lot about my team just from those few exercises. Managing to engage a reluctant team member was really brilliant and I now know more about what motivates our newest member of the team, and I think the session helped him feel more part of the group.

Most of all though it was just good to be able to have a laugh and some fun with my work colleagues.
Royal British Legion, Team Tasks

Our values are central to the way we do business:

  • Relationships matter – we value relationships above all else. Staff, customers and suppliers come before technology and figures.
  • Fun – we spend too much of our lives working not to enjoy it.
  • Ideas are our life blood – we cherish an environment in which creativity takes precedence over bureaucracy; we don’t feel the need to conform to corporate stereotypes.
  • Waste is wrong – we know that waste not only spoils our environment, it wrecks our bottom line.
  • Wealth creation for distribution – a percentage of our profits and resources is used to support a range of community and social projects as well as to strengthen our business growth & development.

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