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The Chocolate Challenge™

The Chocolate Challenge models business processes within a highly creative and energizing activity.

Teams must work together creatively, plan strategically and communicate effectively to develop and make a new brand of boxed chocolates. Our skilled facilitators can draw out parallels with day to day working life, so your team leaves with full stomachs and enthused minds.

Key Points

  • Demonstrates the creative power of teams
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Suits groups from 6 to 600
  • Less than an hour required to set up in a conventional meeting room
  • Highlights individuals’ strengths

Chocolate Challenge Team Building Activities

Our Chocolate Challenge allows participants to select a role that appeals to their natural talents, whether that be creative, practical, analytical or dramatic.

  • Creative thinking
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Combining ingredients
  • Piping, shaping and decorating with chocolate
  • Pricing and financial planning
  • Team decision making
  • Packaging design and construction
  • Agreeing a marketing strategy and live pitching

Sample Format

This event can be run as part of a full-day programme, as a stand alone event, or incorporated into your away-day or conference. To give you an idea of how it runs please see our timings below:

14.00 – Introduction
Introduction and Chocolate Quiz

14.15 – Preparation
Participants put on aprons and pipe their names in molten chocolate on chefs hats.

14.30 – Briefing
Our event manager briefs teams and hands out supporting information.

14.40 – Brainstorming and Tasting
Teams brainstorm their product concept and visit the tasting table for inspiration.

15.00 – Production and Marketing
Manufacture of chocolates and packaging gets underway, alongside budgeting and marketing.

16.15 – Break
Teams take a well-earned break ahead of their live product pitches.

16.30 – Product Pitch
Each team gives a 2 minute overview of their product along and demonstration of their advertising.

16.45 – Winners celebrate!
Each team gives a 2 minute overview of their product and demonstrates their TV commercial.