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The Team Machine: it has a knock-on effect!

The tendency for teams to work in silos and lose sight of the bigger picture was the stimulus for our creation of this colourful large scale team building activity.

The secret to succeeding at Team Machine is collaboration and open communication, every team gets there in the end, although not as easily as you might expect.

Key Points

  • Suits groups from 8 to 80
  • Can be set up in less than 10 minutes
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Requires diligence and precision
  • Teams must take responsibility for their workmanship
  • Powerfully illustrates the impact of good and bad workplace behaviour
  • Demonstrates the importance of working to a shared goal

Team Machine Team Building Activities

Alongside the practical task of assembling the Team Machine there are important roles for those more adept at negotiating with other teams or solving analytical challenges.

  • Sharing insights and resources
  • Assembling large colourful mechanical sculptures
  • Solving code breakers to gain additional information
  • Team decision making
  • Collaborating across a number of teams
  • Persevering when success doesn’t come first time

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, inside or outdoors, all year round. We simply require a clear space of at least 20 meters by 10 meters.

14.00 – Introduction
Introduction with Honda Cog film.

14.15 – Design and Build
Teams design and build cranes to retrieve partial images of their device.

14.30 – Image Exchange
Partial images are exchanged to acquire the full instruction manual.

14.45 – Device Assembly
Teams assemble their device following photographic instructions.

15.15 – Code Generation
Team members can also solve a series of numerical puzzles to generate a 4 digit code. If correct, this opens a safe containing a clue to the final sequence.

15.45 – Completion of the Team Machine
Teams come together sharing their clues and connecting their devices to create the complete Team Machine.

16.15 – Practice
Repeated practice runs test the reliability of their workmanship.

16.30 – Final Run
Once complete the final run commences culminating in an explosive finale.

16.45 – Review
Teams reflect on their success and review their performance.