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Facilitating Adventurous Conversations

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The Toy Factory

Play is at the heart of our business and for the young it’s a gateway to learning.

Children learn as they play.
Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.
O. Fred Donaldson

We developed the Toy Factory to build teams and give something back in the process. Teams are tasked with creating a handmade wooden toy. Which, if finished to a high standard can be donated to a needy child through one of our partner charities.

Key Points

  • Encourages small teams to produce something exceptional
  • Is a practical way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Suits groups from 6 to 600
  • No specialist woodworking skills required
  • Less than an hour required to set up in a conventional meeting room
  • Creates a climate for significant conversations amongst participants


The Toy Factory allows participants to select a role that appeals to their natural talents, whether that be practical, artistic or creative.

  • Cutting out and sanding components
  • Gluing and painting components
  • Final assembly
  • Organising resources to meet production needs
  • Team decision making
  • Design and painting the finished toy

Partner Charities

Shelter, Rainbow Trust, SOS Childrens’ Homes

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, all year round. We simply require a cabaret layout meeting room and some time to cover the tables in dust sheets. The activity can fit inside a 2 hour time slot but 3 hours is optimal.

14.00 – Introduction
Introduction and presentation on the value of play, with video from a benefitting charity if appropriate.

14.15 – Toy Kit Selection
Teams select their toy kit, cut out and sand components.

14.45 – Sub-Assembly
Sanded components are glued to make sub-assemblies.

15.15 – Undercoat and Sanding
Sub-assemblies are undercoated, then lightly sanded when dry.

15.45 – Finish Painting
Top coat is applied and varnished.

16.15 – Final Assembly
Final assembly of toys.

16.30 – Presentation
Toys are presented to charity representative.