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Treasure Hunts – Countrywide Locations

We’ve written and run Treasure Hunts in Portugal on Segways, Somerset in Helicopters, and York on foot. There’s more to this than solving clues and finding treasure.

Our challenges are designed to allow team members to play to their strengths, solving challenges, gathering information, capturing photographs, acquiring souvenirs and working together to win the most points. Challenges can be themed to suit the location or the audience, we even have an extreme version for more daring teams.

Key Points

  • Designed to suit analytical, creative and extrovert characters alike
  • Bonds people from across the organisation
  • Tailored to suit the participant group, highbrow or high energy
  • Highly competitive
  • A great way to explore a new location
  • Suits all budgets with on foot routes from £35 per person*

*Min 50 participants


Our Treasure Hunts vary depending on the group size and if there is any theming but to give an idea of what is included please see the list below:

  • Find and solve clues
  • Photographic challenges including the whole team in defined poses and locations
  • Match pictures to places
  • Hunt for and collect specific souvenirs
  • Solve bonus puzzles and conundrums

Sample Format

This event can be run all year round and at any time of day. A suggested sample format is below.

14.00 – Briefing
Event manager briefs teams and hands out briefing packs, cameras or iPads.

14.15 – Start Hunting
Teams race in different directions to their first clue.

16.30 – Scores Given
Deadline to reach the finish location, where the event manager greets each team and scores their efforts.

16.45 – Winners celebrate, others commiserate