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10 Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

November 10, 2015

The Christmas light switch on has already begun, and so heralds the oft dreaded office Christmas party season…


If your heart fills with fear at the prospect of being stuck at a table next to boring Norman from accounts or enduring a ‘how brilliant am I’ soliloquy by one of the more exuberant members of the marketing team, then why not suggest one of these fresh alternatives:

Follow that Cab
If you want to get out of the office and add an element of competition, then a Black Cab Treasure Hunt will call upon your colleagues’ wit, wisdom, courage and guile. Choose your favourite bar or restaurant as the finish point and rest assured your staff will have lots to talk about.

Chocoholics Christmas
Confection and Christmas go together, this year upgrade from After Eights and Quality Street to something a bit more creative. Even the gym bunnies relax as they create a unique, never tasted before Chocolate Experience.

Fondue not Fondle
Rather than a seated dinner, where people are stuck in the same place all evening, a fondue night encourages people to move about, try different tastes & socialise thus ensuring a more light hearted & memorable (for the right reasons!) event. Similarly tapas bars or restaurants specialising in sharing platters work well too. Click here for a list of the best fondue restaurants in London.

Mix It Up
Whether it’s virgin cocktails for the tee totallers or something a bit more exotic, then making and sharing cocktails is a great way to encourage mixing. Employ a mixologist (fancy name for a cocktail maker!) to avoid too potent a brew or visit somewhere like Bring Your Own Cocktail.

Tea Total
If you’ve had a few drunken disasters in the past and want to steer clear of alcohol, then why not try an afternoon tea at the Ritz, or for something a bit more quirky then try a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

The Christmas Crack
Rather than force a laugh at the bosses jokes, consider going to a Comedy Club – this creates a much less formal setting and ensures your party will be ‘a good laugh’.

Bowled Over
For a more retro night, try out Ten Pin Bowling – competitive but something everyone can enjoy, casual and relaxed and great food, drink and service at the new breed of upmarket bowl and dine venues.

Jump to It
If you want something a bit more high energy, which will get your team energised then what about a trampolining party. Trampoline parks are the leisure revolution of 2015 and definitely not just for kids.

Good Elves
For many companies now CSR is high on the agenda, with employees wanting to give something back to the less advantaged, as opposed to blowing the party budget on booze and food. Toy making is an excellent example of how you can have fun and socialise, whilst creating Christmas gifts for children that might otherwise not receive anything.

Give it Up for Others
In these days of rampant consumerism why not redress the balance with an activity based half day which encourages giving as opposed to receiving – getting people to think creatively about the best way to spend £100, to have the maximum social impact. Generous Giving is an organised team activity that does just this, a great way to bring values to life.

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