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10 Resolutions for Leaders

January 1, 2013

As we begin another new year with good intentions to break bad habits, let’s take a moment to consider what small behaviours could make a big difference in our role as leaders.

10 Resolutions for Leaders

The New Year is the perfect time to break away from those bad habits and behaviours...

Hopefully many of these already form part of your day to day routine, but which are missing?

1. Listen first speak last.
2. Walk about your business area every day.
3. Seek out opportunities to praise your team.
4. Leave on time – it sets a good example.
5. Meet one-to-one with your direct reports at least once a week.
6. Schedule your own personal development for the coming year.
7. Ensure each team member has a personal development plan that they are adhering to.
8. Take the tough decision.
9. Communicate the vision.
10. Identify and set out the team’s priorities for the year ahead.

How did you score? Are all ten behaviours part of your routine, or do you need a leadership resolution?

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