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3 quick ways to help boost your company’s retention and culture with team building

October 29, 2021

Getting higher retention rates within a company is a great way to reduce staff turnover whilst also developing better internal relationships and working relationships with your clients and customers.

Fixing a poor retention rate is not an overnight job but there are some areas you can look at to try and improve your retention rate whilst also having more fun at the workplace. Here we offer 3 quick ways to help give your company’s culture and retention rate a boost. 

Celebrate the victories however small 

Celebrating victories in the workplace can be difficult, particularly if you are a results-driven business with some demanding customers. But celebrating the small victories with customers can be a great way to share in the positive work you are doing. Just be sure to taper expectations to ensure you and your team can still deliver! 

Encourage your employees to follow development paths 

Encouraging your team to follow development paths will help them to improve the way they approach their work and help to ensure they are working towards goals that are both achievable and worth whilst to pursue. Engaged employees are more likely to stick with you over the long run. 

Make sure you get employee feedback on the development paths. This will help you to tailor the learning paths towards each person’s individual strengths and build a diverse team that can cope with a range of talents. 

Ask employees what the ideal workplace looks like 

When you ask employees what the ideal workplace looks like you are getting better involvement from the whole team which will improve the likelihood of you developing a workplace that engages people as a matter of course. This will help you increase staff retention rates and get better results for your clients. 

So that rounds up our list of 3 great ways to boost your company’s retention rates and take some of the initial steps towards a better workplace culture. Make sure you get in touch with a member of the Fresh Tracks team if you want to find out more about how to develop a winning team in various industries and fields.

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