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4 Ways to Make Zoom Calls More Engaging

February 16, 2021

Zoom calls can be tiring, and we have all had plenty of them over the past year and a bit. Whilst they can drag on, they are incredibly useful and if used correctly can increase camaraderie within a team and increase the overall quality of communication.

So do you need a quick and easy energiser for your next virtual meeting? Keep reading to find out about 4 of the best methods we’ve found at Fresh Tracks!

1. The Race

On your command, each attendee must go and get a box of matches, if they don’t have any matches at least ten identical straight items will do, such as drinking straws or pencils.  First back wins. This will not only get the blood pumping, but it will also catch them off guard!

2. Ten from Nine

Tell participants to line up nine matches and without breaking any make ten. This will get their brains working and it links nicely from number 1.

3. Triangles

We would suggest creating breakout groups of two for this one.  Using just 6 matches create 4 equal triangles, matches can’t be broken or crossed.

4. 5 Crosses

In larger breakout groups, create a line of ten matches.  The goal is to make 5 crosses. One of the matches must pass over two matches before landing on the third to make a cross.

Where a cross exists that counts as two matches. The Matches can travel in either direction. Be sure to practice this yourself before presenting it

Get in touch for any team building queries

the methods listed above are a great way to get a team energised! However, if you are looking for more bespoke team building and training then Fresh Tracks has you covered. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on team building or would like to find out more about what we offer!

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