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5 Ways to increase your energy so that you can get more done

July 19, 2011

Stress and staying on top of heavy workloads is a challenge for us all. Time is finite and runs out whereas energy is renewable and extendable.

Here are a 5 ways to increase your energy so that you can get more done:

If, like the gentleman above, you are feeling tired at work try the 5 tips below

  1. Get fresh air at least once every 4 hours – ideally take a proper break from work but at the very least walk and talk with a colleague or make some calls outside.
  2. Drink litres of water. Coffee and sugary drinks give us fake energy that only makes us more tired when they wear off.  Water hydrates our brains, keeps us cool and prevents agonizing kidney stones!
  3. Eat regularly, especially fruit between meals.  Maintain a healthy blood sugar level by eating modest meals and if necessary snacking healthily once between meals.
  4. Sleep well. Restless nights are a sign of stress so develop a strict bedtime ritual that relaxes you mind and body.  Keep clear of electronic screens and emotional   conversations in the evening, instead take a hot bath, read a novel and get tucked up by 10pm.
  5. Put in place self imposed deadlines for all your key tasks, so that you aren’t fire fighting and having to tackle urgent tasks that could have been completed earlier.


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