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5 Ways to Resurrect your 2020 Conference

June 17, 2020

Is there a nagging feeling in your gut that this year, more than any other it’s important to get staff and leaders together?

Do you feel it is time to share the strategy which has changed so much? Is there a need to generate a sense of one organisation, separated by distance but united in purpose? Do your people deserve to be recognised for going the extra mile whilst stuck at home?

Some have simply cancelled their plans but in doing so will fail to give their business the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Braver leaders are taking a bolder route, exploring new ways of communicating the mission and preparing now for the approaching moment when we can meet face to face. Here are five ways to reengage a large cohort without compromising health.

5 ways to restart your 2020 conferencing

Drive in

The return of drive in movies creates a ready-made solution, your delegates simply park up, tune in and take on board the revised strategy. Using technology like Sli.do can ensure high levels of interaction and if combined with Zoom breakouts enables multiple small group discussions to take place.


Much like stock photographs there is now a wealth of beautiful professional video footage that can be downloaded and edited alongside voice overs to create inspiring video messages. Add graphics and music and you’ve produced something with far more impact than a PowerPoint delivered on stage. All produced without the need to go on location, saving time, cost and keeping everyone safe.

Space out

Probably the least radical approach is to simply hire a conference space. The hotel industry, whilst battered hasn’t given up and will be providing meeting space from 4th July. Delegates won’t be sitting in tight rows or huddled around tables but they will be close enough to share ideas and with a strong agenda and good use of technology you can create a truly engaging conference.

Picnic theme

Turn the social distance from a hindrance to an advantage, use it to determine a novel theme. We are exploring the idea of using an indoor rugby training ground as a conference location. On arrival delegates will be given picnic sets with a chair, refreshment hamper and conference pack. They then position their seats on the artificial grass, presentations will be delivered from a stage beneath the goal with video projected between the upper posts. Energisers will follow the outdoor sports theme with a keynote speech from a rugby legend. And all of this under the protection of a roof.

Walk and talk

One of the great lessons of 2020 will be the value of simplicity. In ancient times news and stories were shared as people travelled on foot from place to place. Combining pre-recorded audio with discussion questions the audience can listen, discuss and mingle while strolling.

Your organisation and people are unique, so a tailored approach will be most successful, send us a short brief and we will respond with at least three ideas within 24 hours.

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