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A Recipe for Successful Teams

August 7, 2012

Great chefs know that alongside the core ingredients it’s the careful use of seasoning that turns a mediocre meal into a something scrumptious.

ingredients for successful teams

What additional ingredients would make your team even more successful?

Here we offer some tips to help team leaders make their team rise:

  • Start with one heaped tablespoon of purpose. Don’t make the mistake of using small spoonfuls of several different objectives as this can cause the mixture to separate.
  • Add a large dollop of passion. The best varieties display a strong sense of energy and enthusiasm.  Continue to add passion until any lumps disappear.
  • Beat in just enough freedom to generate ideas and work with initiative.
  • Marinate with praise and a supportive leadership style.
  • Sweeten with a sprinkling of fun.
  • Apply even, gentle and continuous heat taking care not to burn.

And, be sure to test your recipe and adjust the mixture to your taste.

Any other things that you think should be added to the list?

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