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Activity days your team will love

November 1, 2023

If you own a company, it’s important that you decide to incorporate team days throughout the year. As well as the fun this will bring to the team, it will lead to increased communication, planning skills, employee motivation and collaboration. This helps employees to see each other in a different light, other than the standard office routine where they are used to. 

This all ties into effective team building, which works in with both work and colleague relationships.

How will improved team building increase workflow?

Improving relationships across the team will strengthen the bond between members meaning they will increase conversation about work and other topics. Therefore, they are more likely to speak together more effectively over time, which in hand will improve communication on specific tasks. 

This helps team members work towards a common goal more effectively, improving work results.

Keep on reading to learn about team activities your team will love.

1) Play board games

Often known as lighthearted, and enjoyable, playing board games as a team is a great activity to bond together. You are able to get to know each other outside a work environment, as well as working towards a common goal beating eachother at a specific game task. You could decide to play games at lunchtime, which can help increase productivity during the afternoon.

A regular board games night could be arranged, after the working day, or take a whole day to play a variety of board games. 

2) Volunteering for a cause

Another great activity day is for the team to do some volunteering. This not only helps the team work together in a different environment, but it helps others. The team could decide to work in a charity shop together for a day or work on a farm. 

Volunteering will bring a sense of unity across the team, and also help the company look caring to the local community. 

3) Raise money for a charity

Similar to volunteering, team members could raise money for a charity of like Dorothy House. The team could decide to take part in a skydive, again increasing the feeling of community across the team. Something like this will lead to good pubicitity, increasing brand awareness. 

4) ‘Show and Tell’

Do you know your team well enough to discuss their hobbies? One way to get to know the team well enough is through going around in a circle and talking about people’s passions and interests. This helps build up relationships in the team and spark communal conversations in the office down the line, on team interests.

5) Going out for a meal and enjoying an activity

Another activity day is to go out for a meal and take part in bowling or climbing. The team could pick a common enjoyable activity that everyone can get involved in. This can then be enjoyed with a meal at the end of the social. As mentioned at the start of this article, this will lead to increased communication and collaboration. 

Overall, it is clear incorporating team activity days is great for increasing team morale, as well as increased team productivity.

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