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Brace Yourself the Maverick Leaders are Taking Control!

March 16, 2016

It’s not just the ‘hair’ or the racism that should trigger concern. It’s the fact that the man that looks increasingly likely to become the leader of the home of Disney is willing to be called Donald!

Simultaneously in the UK the wild haired English eccentric Boris Johnson is lining up to become Prime Minister. Whilst this is sending shivers down the spines of cautious economists perhaps we needn’t be too fearful. The most memorable leaders in British history were Churchill and Thatcher, neither especially charming when running for office but indisputable decisive leaders at times of crisis. Across the pond the actors Regan and Schwarzenegger both left office to high acclaim.

It seems people love to follow ‘stand out’ leaders. And without dedicated followers, what is a leader?

So, if the future seems bleak take comfort in the fact that the mavericks, for all their faults might have the best chance of uniting the people they lead.

P.S. If as a leader you are feeling frustrated, take a look at some of our other Leadership Blogs and if you’d like some one to one input, please get in touch.

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