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Creating Captivating Conferences

May 7, 2010

I expect we have all at one time or another sat in a conference feeling bored. As our attention drifts from the indistinct slides and the speaker’s monotone soliloquy to the comfort or otherwise of our seat.

People asleep at a conference

Don't let your conference be a waste of money

We begin to ponder whether the vast sums spent on such events will generate a worthwhile return. All too often expense and time come before imagination and courage. By this we mean that a little time spent thinking creatively about how your event will be sure to engage, inspire and motivate your audience will not only save money but, more importantly, extinguish boredom.

In our experience conference planners are so fearful of disaster that they simply repeat previous events with just a few changes to speakers, venue and menu. Irrespective of the effectiveness of previous events. A minority, understand the value of ringing the changes and start with a clean sheet of paper and as much hard and anecdotal data as they can gather from previous events. Add to this the organisations current priorities and a theme and list of key objectives quickly comes to light.

Now it’s time to swallow a brave pill and think the unthinkable and question every element of the conference – hotel or tepee, overseas or underwater, speakers or experiences. The benefits of such an approach are two fold, firstly the delegates will be engaged during the event and therefore will remember the messages long afterward, secondly you are certain to achieve better value for money.

If this sounds like an approach your organisation should take to your next big meeting then come along to our next seminar: How to Create Captivating Conferences.  Mention this blog and we’ll give you a FREE space, normally £99 + VAT. If you can’t make it then do contact us and we will happily meet with you to discuss your next conference.

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