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Free Team Building Activity – Superhero Feedback

This free fun and feel-good team building activity is great for the end of a team session or training day.

Superhero Feedback Team Building Exercise Image

I wonder if they have checked their capes for feedback?


This is a fun and feel-good activity for the end of the session or close of the day. By encouraging feedback on individual skills it focuses on the positive aspects of the day and makes sure that everyone’s contribution is appreciated. …

Free Team Building Activity – Common Ground

This free team building activity is a light-hearted icebreaker which highlights the importance of communication.

Common Ground

Make sure you find time to find your team's common ground


A great icebreaker activity, this activity is best used at the beginning of the day to get participants communicating and finding out a bit more about each other. You simply ask each team/table to come up with a list as long as possible of things that all team members have in common….

Free Entry To Chocolate Week – Chocolate Unwrapped at Vinopolis

We invented the team building activity The Chocolate Challenge, so we are obviously fans of chocolate.  

Chocolate Unwrapped Banner

Win free tickets to the Chocolate Unwrapped show

For anyone else who is also a fan complete the sentence below in the most inspiring and amusing way and you will win two tickets to the Chocolate Unwrapped show at Vinopolis in London on 15th and 16th October. We will also have gourmet chocolate bars for the runners up.

The Chocolate Challenge team building event by Fresh Tracks is….

Once you have come up with your inspiring or amusing sentence please email us at mail@varndev.co.uk.

For information about Chocolate Unwrapped read below:…

New Team Building Event

Way back in 1997 Fresh Tracks created the Chocolate Challenge it brought team building indoors and replaced military style tasks with a sensory experience that was both enormous fun and conveyed important messages about business and teamwork.

Team Building events past and present

The Chocolate Challenge & Team Machine are events we have created in the past but what will this years be?

Every few years we develop more events, like The Team Machine, and we are currently creating another completely original team building exercise that responds to the needs of the present time….

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