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Do Zoom Meetings Move You?

I’m not talking about physical movement although that is important in meetings.  I’m talking about feeling moved, emotionally.

Tears, passion even laughter can all be hallmarks of an effective meeting, much as they are in literature or drama.  In the same way that we find ourselves binge watching a thrilling box set, a well led meeting will attract attendees.  They will turn up early, well prepared and keen to engage.  Does this sound like your business meetings?

5 Unusual Employee Perks

It’s increasingly important to give staff more than just a pay cheque, not every business can afford health cover so here are some unique employee perks that needn’t break the bank.

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1. Stand up desks
The revolution to get employees off their backsides and upright is well underway and those who have made a stand say there is no going back.

3 Office Resolutions

As personal New Year Resolutions fade here are three revolutionary ideas to improve life in the office:

Most of us make personal New Year Resolutions, so why not try thinking of some for the workplace too?

Most of us make personal New Year Resolutions, so why not try thinking of some for the workplace too?

1. Less meetings, better conversations
Ban formal meetings on Mondays and Fridays, instead encourage lunches and informal chats over coffee at either end of the week. …

Is your Desk making you Fat?

How much of your day to you spend sitting?  For many of us we sit at the office, during our commute and later when we are resting at home, maybe as much as 14 hours every day!  Frighteningly, recent research suggests that a day spent sitting at a desk will undo the benefits from cycling to work or going to the gym!

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A number of studies into inactivity have been conducted to try to understand what part sedentary behaviour is playing in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

The Price of Efficient Workplaces

Brand managers, accountants and numerous other roles were very different 10 years ago. Whereas now it’s hard to tell who does what, in an open plan office with scores of people all sat staring at screens.

We all strive for an efficient office - but is efficiency compromising our work?

Many employees, regardless of role spend their entire day sat in the same seat, staring at the same screen. perhaps occasionally moving to another seat to attend a meeting. All the while, efficiently working through a series of defined tasks. Rarely, if at all sharing a thought with a colleague or testing a new idea. Consequently, the efficiency we’ve striven to achieve has compromised our ability to innovate. …

Is the Office Redundant?

As the New Year fireworks echoed off the once iconic – soon to be redeveloped – Shell Centre next to the London Eye, we considered what 2014 might bring and what changes can we expect.

With wifi available in cafes and other, more comfortable places across the country, are our offices becoming redundant?

Wearable technology in the form of Beanie hats with in built speakers and microphones are just a click away http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Beanie-Headset-Stereo-Speakers/dp/B00GX9IAJA. 3D printers in the home may soon produce utensils, household gadgets, and even fashion on demand. Driverless cars are already a reality. …

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