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Five tips for giving better feedback

Employee engagement is undoubtedly one of the key management phrases of the moment, with home working becoming more frequent it is important that employees are feeling engaged and motivated during their working hours.

The vicious and virtuous cycles of feedback
Aim for the Virtuous Circle rather than the Vicious Circle, this can positively impact productivity & profitability.

Recent research has found that 65% of employees want more feedback from their employers, the research also found that 4 out of 10 employees that receive no feedback are actively disengaged from their work. Disengaged employees can cause a whole host of problems for employers including performance based and also financial. So how can you ensure that you are effectively providing feedback?

5 Ways to Predict When Talent Will Quit

As the work place becomes more collaborative, the cost of losing a good employee can be multiplied as teammates move with them.
It is more important than ever before to retain key staff. Some companies use sophisticated covert surveillance to assess whether their staff are spending more time than they should on LinkedIn or job sites.
Alternatively, here are some less big brotherish approaches every manager should be aware of:

Why trusting your team drives results

For the ultimate exercise in developing trust, take your team out on the blindfolded 4×4 challenge for an experience that will never be forgotten.

Learn how to trust your colleagues!

Learn how to trust your colleagues!

Trust is something that is usually earned rather than gifted and without trust within the workings of a business, communication can become flawed, direction can be lost and ultimately the company can suffer as a result. Our blindfolded 4×4 challenge develops trust amongst colleagues. And it’s a real laugh too!…

Trust Unwrapped – A story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate

Back in a time when the public trusted banks and utility bills made sense, a diminutive Greek immigrant took a daring approach to establishing his restaurant in North London.

Read 'Trust Unwrapped, a story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate' by Dan Collins and

Read ‘Trust Unwrapped, a story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate’ by Dan Collins and David Thompson


In stark contrast to the surprise service charges and inflated wine prices common in the industry, this restaurant successfully operated a ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’ policy for over 20 years.  …

We’ve done change, now what?

Your team’s been restructured, jobs are safe so why aren’t they happy? Here are some tips to help your team move from confusion to certainty:

Chris Robshaw

England Rugby Captain has skippered a transformed team by building trust. “You have to do two things: play your own game, because that’s what got you there in the first place, and trust all the other leaders out there to help you. Trust the guy doing the line-out to do the right thing. Trust the front five.” Chris Robshaw’s pre-match team talk

Integrate New Blood
Very often when people leave and new team members join there’s a loss of momentum. It’s critical to mark the point where the new team begins and the old team is laid to rest. If the start of this new journey isn’t clearly marked then different team members will set out in different directions. The more memorable the occasion the greater the chance of success, so make an event of this ‘new beginning’ – get away from your place of work and spend time getting to know each other….


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