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Vodafone Fail to Make the Connection

If you’ve travelled on the London Underground recently you might have seen a series of posters featuring team building exercises.

Vodafone team building advertising

Smart phones might be clever but even they have their limitations.

Vodafone have launched an advertising campaign suggesting that with their service teams can connect without the need to spend time together.

We would challenge this assumption on the basis that whilst it is possible to convey information by phone it’s almost impossible to build trust.

Trust is the single greatest differential between good and bad teams and to build trust takes a combination of time, commitment, shared experience and common values.

Smart phones might be clever but even they have their limitations.

What are your thoughts?

What Should A Good Team Away Day Achieve?

A team building away day presents a unique opportunity to achieve a number of outcomes.

A team on a team building away day

Getting out of the office on a team building away day can be a great way of motivating team members

On occasions the potential of time away from ringing phones, interrupted conversations and pinging emails can be lost due to rushed planning, unrealistic expectations or simply a lack of energy and fun within the agenda.

A good team building away day should achieve some (not all) of the following:…

Happiness at Work – why does it matter?

Happiness at work – why does it matter is a half day event being hosted by Roffey Park with our own Dan Collins on Wednesday 6th July in central London.

Roffey Park Event

Come and find out why happiness at work does matter

According to research recently published by Roffey Park in The Management Agenda there is:

  • a clear, well-defined link between the well-being of staff and the bottom line
  • evidence that organisations that are steadfastly driven by their purpose – not their shareholders – are the most financially successful

Put simply, businesses that do well by their people, help them find fulfilment through their work and who demonstrate ethical leadership are rewarded by loyalty and higher performance and productivity.

Please join us, click here to book (external website run by Roffey Park Institute).

5 Ways to increase trustworthiness

Trust underpins all good relationships – supplier and customer, team and leader, husband and wife.

Trust at work image

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Our distrust is very expensive".

Despite the technical advances of the last century, few leaders would argue that the way in which their teams interact with and depend on one another isn’t crucial to their organisation’s performance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Our distrust is very expensive”.

During periods of uncertainty and restructure, trust in employers, team mates and leaders can be eroded, so along the road to recovery what can individuals do to rebuild trust?…

The importance of communicating using the personal touch

News that 38 soldiers were sent emails giving them notice that their contracts were to be terminated, and the furious response from media and political circles, underlines the importance of face-to-face communication and the dangers of over-reliance on the quick and convenient email.
Communication by email isn't always the best way.

Could relying on an email to convey the nuance of an important message be lazy and ill-considered?

Although in this instance the Army was quick to admit that this was “a bad mistake” and the result of “a serious administrative error” there are many cases where similarly important and sensitive news has been communicated via an inappropriate and impersonal method such email….

Egos erode teams

Teams contain people and people have egos. Egos erode teams. This fact threatens most teams, particularly those made up of high achievers.

Cartoon about a large ego

Egos erode teams. This fact threatens most teams, particularly those made up of high achievers.

Unfortunately when we lack humility we fail to own up when we don’t understand what’s going on. Very often our colleagues are equally confused but they too keep quiet, so confusion reigns – silently.

In strong teams it’s okay to be vulnerable from time to time,…

New Resources: learn from over 19 years of experience

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC).

Image of our team building resources

We have condensed over 19 years of experience into these books, exercises and DVD

In a world of iPods, iPads and 3D TV, it is perhaps surprising that technology has yet to find a more memorable and effective way to put across a message than the simple act of doing.

For over 19 years Fresh Tracks have been coming up with practical activities that improve understanding. We appreciate that it’s not always possible to take a team out for a day and so we’ve developed a selection of resources that can be used in team meetings and training sessions….

Teams that play together work together

What would you put at the top of a list of characteristics that make a good team? Perhaps; trust, flexibility, empathy, communication, shared responsibility or effectiveness?

Trust and communication are very important in team work
Trust and communication are very important in team work

What becomes clear if you look at these characteristics is that most of them are not the hard skills of industry or management expertise: most are attitudes rather than skills. Successful team players are defined by the way they relate to their colleagues, and the way in which they interact across a broad range of skills bases. In fact 80% of what makes a good team member is determined by these positive attitudes, and only 20% by the specific job skills they possess.

So why does industry spend around 80% of its training budget on developing often short-lived skills which need updating on a regular basis? …


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