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Team Building in Bath


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The Team Machine in action!

The Team Machine is an fun team building event that requires participants to co-operate with other teams to achieve a common goal.

Each team is given a set of building materials to create a moving sculpture. The plans are muddled requiring sharing of data before building can commence. Components must be assembled in just the right way for the individual mechanisms to work. Later the teams must work together to find the correct sequence of mechanisms, so that, once launched each element will trigger the next in a chain reaction building to an explosive finale!

Have a look at The Team Machine in action at a recent Fresh Tracks team building event.

So you want to work at Apple

While researching how to retain innovation, energy and culture for a fast growing client we stumbled across this recruitment film by Apple.  It’s a fascinating insight into a business which constantly strives to improve.

A few sound bites:

“Thinking outside the box, it’s funny we don’t really think about the box”

“One of the unique things about Apple is the level of cross collaboration between groups”

“The difference between a good product and a great product is attention to detail”

5 Ways to Love your Valentine

It was only after I bought my wife an expensive birthday gift that I learned that the way to her heart was not through extravagant gestures.

The 5 Love Languages Trailer from Dr. Gary Chapman on Vimeo.

10 years ago, Dr Gary Chapman, a marriage counsellor wrote a book entitled The 5 Love Languages. In it he suggests that each of us feel love in one of five different ways. Like language, we may communicate in multiple dialects but we will tend to favour our ‘first language’ over all others. …

Can Losers be Part of Winning Teams?

In his superb book Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t, Jim Collins states that a common factor in the highest performing businesses is the make up of their teams. He says the best leaders “get the right people on the bus, in the right seats and the wrong people off the bus.”

So, if some of your team have had a run of bad luck or even failed in the past can they succeed as a team in the future?…


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