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Derren Brown on Leadership Development

November 12, 2012

The TV star and illusionist has been back on our screens with an extravagant two part show entitled Apocalypse

Derren Brown on Leadership

Does it really take an apocalypse to turn a person into a good leader?

In the show Derren takes a young man who apparently doesn’t appreciate his life and family and attempts to teach him a lesson.  Brown’s goal is to get Stephen Brosnan to take responsibility for his life and to see how he handles himself under pressure and when put into a position of leadership.

To achieve this Derren Brown sets up an elaborate hoax in which a meteor appears to hit the earth.  Moments later Stephen Brosnan is hypnotised to sleep.  He wakes up in a simulated hospital in the midst of an apocalyptic world in which much of the population are now zombies.  As reality TV meets horror film Derren talks us through how the once lazy and unappreciative Stephen is now forced to make choices, take decisions and become a leader.

If the show is to be believed, unsuspecting Stephen Brosnan was pretty traumatised by the ordeal, yet has gone on to become a more responsible, confident and focussed individual.  Whether it takes an apocalypse to change a person is up for debate;  what is unquestionable is that the more memorable and absorbing an experience, the more likely we are to remember not just the experience itself but importantly, the lessons it teaches us.

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