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Escape Rooms

July 10, 2017

escape room
Escape rooms are now found in cities across the world. They make a great activity for a small group of friends but their size and location limits the appeal for many corporate groups.

“A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine.”
Alan Turing

We can now provide mobile Escape Rooms that can be set up in syndicate rooms of hotels. Teams of 8 to 12 rotate through the rooms attempting to escape within 45 minutes.

Key points

Encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge

An energetic breakout activity

Requires a wide variety of skills from thinking through to physical dexterity

Can be set up in syndicate rooms, vacant offices or outdoors


We have a vast choice of themed challenges which can be applied to each Escape Room, enabling you to select activities that reinforce your current messages. For example:

Problem solving


Theming each room or the whole event can add an extra, theatrical dimension and create an inspiring and memorable experience. Current themes include:
Medieval – Assemble and shoot a replica historic catapult, only when sufficient targets are hit will the Escape Room door be opened.
Sensory – Correctly identify the mysteries in each box through taste, smell, touch, sound and sight.
Assemble – Correctly interlock a 3D puzzle.
Circus – Juggle, plate spin and even unicycle out of the locked room.
Purify – Filter pure water from an unpleasant sludge
Recall – Using the team’s combined memory recreate a model using giant Lego
CSI – Using clues within the room deduce the culprit of the crime
Fire & Ice – Light a fire to melt the block of ice containing the key to freedom (outdoor area required)
Code break – Solve conundrums and calculate the mathematical challenges to acquire the correct 4 digit code to open the lock

Sample format

Typically lasting for half day this activity is well suited to being part of a more formal meeting or conference to inject some energy part way through or to finish on a high.

13:30 Introduction
Teams are established and the format of the programme set out.

13:45 Teams enter their first escape room, moving to the next Escape Room every 45 minutes. Refreshments are available outside the room throughout.

16:45 All of the teams regroup, highlights are shared, scores are announced and prizes are awarded.

17:00. Close

To discuss prices and tailoring this activity to your organisation, please get in touch.

“Everyone enjoyed the variety of tasks and the element of play. They were able to develop their collaboration and creative thinking skills.”
Time Warner

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