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Fearless Leadership – Storytelling

March 9, 2012

Storytelling is older than the written word. In that sense it is prehistoric. Ever since we noticed one another we have wanted to make contact. This is as true today as it has always been. Be that in the boardroom, the classroom or over the kitchen table.

John Steinbeck quote

Quote by John Steinbeck

So why is that ? What does storytelling do that makes it so different from other communication. Simply put, storytelling connects the heart to the head . It takes thinking into feeling and travels imagination into action like nothing else. It can make information engaging and inspiring and it is the seat of positive relationship.In spite of educational norms that extol a cognitive approach to learning, storytelling embraces a more holistic perspective by combining thinking, feeling and doing to inform, engage and inspire.

In the language of neuro science storytelling combines the structural propensity of the left brain with the relational orientation of the right to connect to the meta consciousness of experience.

The biggest snag is that in doing so we run the risk of becoming more vulnerable when presenting to the social field of relationship instead of being solely informational. Trust becomes an ingredient that is enlisted.
In the end, it is our capacity to speak from a fearless heart that motivates and inspires others. Think of the last person that really inspired you.

  1. Head : Intellectual Intelligence – for plot, informationi, structure and fact -business strategy
  2. Heart : Emotional intelligence- for picture, relationship and engagement-business context
  3. Body : Visceral presence- for performance, authenticity and motivation –business practice

This blog was written by guest writer Alexander Mackenzie. For more information visit: www.mackenzie-inc.com

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