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Free Team Building Activity – Common Ground

May 2, 2012

This free team building activity is a light-hearted icebreaker which highlights the importance of communication.

Common Ground

Make sure you find time to find your team's common ground


A great icebreaker activity, this activity is best used at the beginning of the day to get participants communicating and finding out a bit more about each other. You simply ask each team/table to come up with a list as long as possible of things that all team members have in common.

Key Themes: communication; getting to know one another

Participants: 5 – 500

Timing: 5 – 20 mins


  • Ensure that there is paper and a pen for each table/team.
  • You might want to have some examples/suggestions to get their lists started (for example everyone loves chocolate, or everyone watches a particular TV show).
  • You could also provide prizes for the winning team(s).

Running the Activity

  • Let participants know that they have a set time in which to come up with their list of common things shared by the whole team/table.
  • All team members must have the item in common.
  • Teams can’t simply list similar body parts, such as “We all have eyes.”
  • Teams will have a limited time to create their lists, so they need to work quickly – give them regular time checks to let them know when they have 5 mins, 2 mins, 1 min, 30 seconds left.
  • The team with the longest list wins.
  • Similarities can then be shared with the group at large.

We hope you enjoy using this team building icebreaker and if you have any suggested activities for our blog do contact us at mail@varndev.co.uk.

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