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How a good night’s sleep can benefit your work productivity

December 8, 2023

There is no denying that having a good night’s sleep helps to benefit all aspects of your life, from your physical and mental health, relationships with your family and your productivity levels. The same can be said about your work productivity because you will be alert and able to complete tasks better. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, just 13 minutes of extra sleep per night can increase productivity by 2.3%. 

Keep on reading to learn more about how a good night’s sleep can benefit your work productivity.

Reduce your reaction time

One of the benefits of a good night’s sleep includes a reduction in reaction time. A good night’s sleep can lead to a positive impact on the accuracy of your decisions and the speed you think of those decisions. This will help you come up with more accurate thoughts on specific tasks, as well as reduce the chance of mistakes being made. This will help save time because there will be fewer recoveries from mistakes. 

If your reaction time is reduced, then you are more likely to cope with a higher workload too.  

Improve relationships with colleagues

A good night’s sleep will have a positive impact on your relationship with colleagues. It’s said that a good night’s sleep can reduce the chance of chronic insomnia which leads to mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. This in hand will reduce the likelihood you will want to engage as much as possible. Increased productivity will colleagues will lead to better decision making and an improved office culture.  

Improved quality of work

Thanks to all the reasons mentioned above, this will lead to a correlation in improved quality of work. You will feel more motivated and have a better focus, which will be seen through work results. 

How can I improve my sleep?

Are you struggling with your night’s sleep, which is impacting the way you function at work? There are multiple ways you can improve your night’s sleep and well-being. One way is by deciding to engage in some sleep coaching enabling you to receive the education needed and advice that will help you sleep better. 

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