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How to develop your team and increase productivity in your workforce

May 19, 2023

Having a team that helps increase productivity is no easy task, however, it can be very rewarding if your team is as productive as they can be. This can lead to increased satisfaction in a team, knowing they are able to maximise their potential, increasing productivity. 

Keep on reading to learn some tips and tricks on how to develop your team and increase productivity in your workforce. 

Audit the current state of your team, to see what can be improved

One of the first steps to developing and increasing the productivity of your team is to look at their strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may find one individual is really good at organisation, and then another is better at client calls. As well as placing team members in their strongest positions, this can also be an opportunity for team members to learn from each other. 

This will allow the team to raise the discussion surrounding the dynamic of the team, which in hand will improve productivity. 

It’s also important to look at colleagues’ individual skills that can be maximized, which will help increase productivity. Allowing employees to focus on their strengths will also give a boost in morale. 

Set clear goals and objectives 

Setting clear goals and objectives for team members will allow a team to develop and become more productive. To do this, short and long-term goals can be set with one-to-one meetings with an incentive at the end, should those goals be achieved. 

For example, if one team member is new to the role, giving them an opportunity to learn how to answer the phone will be a productive step that will benefit the team. 

Similarly, allowing senior team members to keep pushing themselves will allow the team to continue pushing themselves, which will further develop the team. 

Bring decision making authority

Bringing decision making authority to the team will allow for achievements to be recognised by the team, boosting team morale. As well as achievements, these communication skills will come in useful for important business decisions. 

Encourage training for team members 

Encouraging team training time will not only boost the skills of the team, but it will also lead to self development which will progress careers. 

This can be achieved through team workshops or online training, for example. The team could have someone external perform a learning presentation which will be beneficial for learning new information, that the team can go away and apply to their day.  

We hope that these tips and tricks will be beneficial for your team to increase productivity in your workforce.

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