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If a Picture says a Thousand Words, then a Movie Says a Million

February 8, 2011

“If only we were better informed” is a common complaint amongst employees, particularly in larger organisations.

An example of a recent film we produced for Treasury Wine Estates

Similarly managers often complain that their staff don’t seem to be ‘on message’ with the organisation’s products, values and operations.

For a company to grow and prosper it’s essential that everyone has a clear understanding of what the organisation does, how it does it and why.  Newsletters, presentations and emails can work up to a point but rarely get our full attention, whereas a three minute film will not only inform but also inspire the viewer, resulting in renewed enthusiasm, a heightened sense of loyalty and a greater understanding of both their role and the wider organisation.

Years ago the prospect of making a film was seen as a costly and time-consuming exercise and even now many of us assume that digital effects are the preserve of Hollywood.  Not true – the sequence above was made over a weekend using less than a dozen photographs, along with facts gathered from the businesses archives and emailed to our studio.  When shown on a big screen at the annual conference and – later  – repeatedly on employees’ desktops it has had a greater impact than any written or spoken words.

See more of the films we’ve produced on the corporate film production page on our website.

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