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Is Your Top Team the Top Team?

February 3, 2022

In common with most teams, Exec groups are not immune from internal squabbles, differing ambitions and ‘artistic differences’.

Is this okay? Does it matter more at the top than elsewhere in the organisation? Is discord more prevalent amongst senior teams.

Obviously it’s not okay. Dis functional top teams will cast a negative shadow across the business. Political manoeuvring will obscure the main objectives, time is wasted, customers are neglected.

All too often when a business is derailed, the source of the crisis can be tracked back to disharmony in the C Suite.

Rather than being immune from damaging conflict. The collection of high achievers and big personalities that sit at the top table are, in fact, more likely to clash. Very often their passion and determination for their segment of the business distorts their view of the big picture. Add to this the fact that each team member has earned their place through determined graft and focused thinking and it’s no surprise that this group can often be a collection of similar personalities rather.

We know that the best teams contain diverse characters, with a balance of leaders, creators, gluers and doers. Too many cooks really do spoil a broth.

Whilst honest debate should be embraced, personal goals must be set aside to achieve the organisation’s vision. This can only occur in a culture of openness in which insightful feedback is welcomed.

Debate with many voices but lead with one.

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