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Key points to remember when returning to in-person conferences

September 14, 2021

With many social distancing measures being removed across different countries as we benefit from the effect of the vaccines many are looking at how they can get back to physical events and conferences in a safe yet sensible manner. 


Fresh Tracks are passionate about in person events, they offer a different feel to virtual ‘webinars’ and whilst the digital events do have their place, there is little substitute to actually being there. 

With that in mind, here we take a look at the key points to remember when moving back to physical conferences in the back end of 2021. 

Seating will likely be at pre-pandemic levels

Whilst many will be anxious about going back to conferences, social distancing measures are unlikely to be in place in any substantial numbers. Because of this you should expect to be seated near people as you would be at other conferences. 

If you are the events organiser, try to make people feel as comfortable as possible by shining a light on the entry requirements that you asking for (negative tests and proof of vaccination etc)

Do whatever you can to avoid a Covid outbreak

Outbreaks of Covid at conferences and events in general can cause a massive amount of business interruption which you should try to avoid at all costs. This could put a lot of additional stress and strain on the business if you are not careful. 

Be sure that the value is worth the risk 

Whilst many people are very excited to get back to physical events, the potential for a Covid outbreak is a risk that would be managed. If you are at all unsure on the value of your conference then ask yourself if it is worth running, but do not fall back on virtual events as the easy option, in-person training still provides the best channel in which to learn and grow, just make sure that the value for potential clients and attendees is worth the risk. 

Get in touch with our team to find out more 

If you want to learn more about conferences or are looking to get back into in-person team building events, then get in touch with the expert team at Fresh Tracks. We can provide you with bespoke training to suit your needs both professionally and personally. 

Whatever you do, do not fall into the trap of playing it safe when it comes to training, if you are not proactive or go for a diluted approach, morale could continue to fall and this may create a golden opportunity for the competition to step in. 

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