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Learning from Olympic Teams

August 11, 2016

We have had the privilege of working alongside a number of Olympic Teams and athletes, they are amongst the most determined and driven individuals we have come across, yet they all understand that their success requires the support and cooperation of others, a wider team.

British Canoeing Team Bonding Around the Camp Fire

British Canoeing Team Bonding Around the Camp Fire

Last summer we worked with the British Canoeing Team. At the time the team was twice the size and going into the World Championship knowing that some would be selected for the Olympics and some not.

All of the athletes were under intense pressure, with the risk that internal squabbling could disrupt performance. Alongside head coach Paul Ratcliffe, we helped to build a culture of fun and mutual support whilst respecting each athletes’ determination to go for gold.

More recently Gold Medalist from the Sydney Games, Ben Hunt-Davis worked with us identifying the parallels between performing in sport and business, watch him in action here.

Olympic Team Behaviours

  • Focus on ONE clear goal
  • Make decisions with that one goal in mind
  • Don’t let external factors get you down
  • Grab every opportunity, no matter how small to improve performance
  • Give and receive honest feedback
  • Pull together as ONE team around ONE goal

There will be many more lessons our teams can learn from Rio and our Olympic Themed Team Days are a light hearted way to establish a winning attitude.

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