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Nature’s greatest teams

March 23, 2009
According to an article on the BBC website bees and ants are nature’s greatest teams.

The Bees from Hyde Park on a team building event
The Bees from Hyde Park on a team building event

Apparently unlike some animals who want to get to the centre of large groups to keep themselves safe from predators ants and bees work together as a single unit and are prepared to die for the greater good of their team/colony.

Dr Andy Gardner, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “We often see animals appearing to move in unison, such as bison or fish.  However, what looks like a team effort is in fact each animal jostling to get to the middle of the group to evade predators.  By contrast, an ant nest or a beehive can behave as a united organism in its own right. In a beehive, the workers are happy to help the community, even to die, because the queen carries and passes on their genes.

How far would you go for the success of your team? 

To read the full BBC article click here.

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