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New Year, New Job – 6 things to keep the right people in your team

December 16, 2010

Will your team be the same next year?

Celebrate Success

No. 2: Recognise and celebrate what has been achieved this past year.

If you are fortunate to be part of a stable and established team, don’t rest on your laurels. All that effort you’ve put in to team building could be lost within moments of the bells tolling the start of 2011. Here’s why:

  • The New Year brings new resolutions – alongside joining a gym one of the most common New Year decisions is to switch jobs.
  • Most people will take a week or two off for Christmas and New Year, even those addicted to email will experience a slower pace and are likely to reflect on whether 2011 should be a repeat of 2010.
  • Unlike machines, humans need rest and reflection to operate effectively. After months of increasing pressure, more meetings and endless email our brains crave a re-boot.
  • The chance to sleep in late, take a leisurely walk and laugh with friends can be a stark reminder that we might be climbing up the corporate ladder but it’s not necessarily leaning against the right wall.

If these thoughts are likely to occupy the minds of your most valued team members then here are a six things you might consider to keep the right people in your team next year:

  1. Before the Christmas break remind your team of their vision and purpose.
  2. Recognise and celebrate what has been achieved this past year.
  3. Give them something to look forward to in 2011- a promotion, some travel or a team building day.
  4. Use the New Year to encourage and facilitate healthy living, adequate breaks during the working day, drinking plenty of water, quality sleep.
  5. Help people get organised and worry less. In the quieter days before Christmas work with your team to list their priorities and transfer any anxieties from their heads to the page.
  6. Give sincere thanks, for each team member’s contribution to 2010. Over 70% of leavers state that they are leaving a manager that doesn’t recognise their contribution – don’t be one of those managers.

Any other suggestions do let us know in the comments box below.

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