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Only Good Behaviour Can Beat Cyber-crime

February 11, 2015

80% of aircraft accidents are due to human error and cyber security breaches are no different, human behaviour is leaving the doors wide open on our information.


Ask a criminal to identify targets in a crowded street and they’ll select the weak, confused and vulnerable passers-by. Cyber criminals are the same. Consequently your organisations security isn’t just reliant upon the latest firewalls. It depends more on the proper behaviour of your people. Those employees using weak passwords, being careless with their devices and assuming they are not a target are effectively giving hackers the keys to your organisation.

In developing training games that will improve staff behaviour in this area we’ve discovered some shocking truths:

• Senior managers are the worst offenders
• Use of unsecure personal devices for business communication is commonplace
• Sony are not unique, every large organisation has been hacked
• Smaller businesses aren’t immune, Companies House see over 100 cases of corporate identity theft every month

Our new training game ‘Hacked Off’ is designed to change behaviour for the better in a fun and engaging team exercise. If you’d like to be part of the test crew, or you’d like to contribute some content we’d love to hear from you.

Fresh Tracks provide innovative team building, inspiring conferences and have loads if ideas to make work more fun, give us a call, a chat costs nothing.

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