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Overcoming the Networking Nightmare

January 13, 2015

Your boss passes you an invitation to an industry event and suggests you go along as it could be a good networking opportunity.

networking made easy

Andy Bound’s Networking Made Easy in 4 minutes!

But the idea of entering a room of strangers conjures up one or more of the following fears:

• You could get stuck with the most boring man in your industry
• You will be subjected to a hard sell
• You’ll be left standing alone

On the upside you might:

• Get a really useful industry insight
• Win a new client
• Begin a new business partnership
• Discover what your competitors are working on
• Recruit a talented team member
• Get offered a new job

There are lots of self-help books on the subject but a quicker and more entertaining way to boost your networking confidence is to watch Andy Bound’s home movie here. Despite the low budget filming and the use of Lego characters Andy is a leading proponent in this field and has some great insights into the psychology of networking.

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