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Welcome to the Fresh Tracks team building blog. This is a growing collection of team development news, opinions, tips and advice. We would love your input so feel free to comment or get in touch.


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Tips for first time managers

Landing your first role where you have to manage another employee or a team can seem very daunting at first. You need to remember that you have been chosen for the role because you are capable, and also even the most senior managers in your company started off as a first-time manager at some point and probably felt the same anxieties. 

To help you navigate your first couple weeks and months as a new manager we have put together some tips to make it that little bit easier. 

How does exercise improve productivity

We all know the importance of exercise for our physical health, but more and more the impacts on our mental health are being explored. More specifically, exercise has been shown to improve our mood and subsequently has been demonstrated as beneficial in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Aside from this huge benefit to mental health, there has also been evidence to suggest that exercise can improve your concentration and productivity at work. 

How to stay cool when working in a heatwave

With temperatures in the UK reaching unprecedented levels in recent weeks and these new temperatures expected to become the norm for British summer time due to Global Warming, it’s no wonder people are looking for tips and tricks to stay cool.  

Hot weather can result in some uncomfortable and embarrassing side effects such as flushing and sweating, however there are more serious consequences of hot weather if you don’t look after yourself properly. These can be more serious and include dehydration, sunburn and even heat stroke. 

5 Tips to get back to sleep

We’ve all been there, waking up in the middle of the night for an unknown reason and before you know it, your mind is racing. Processing the previous day, worrying about the impending one and then, without warning, you are wide awake. Seconds turn into minutes and then a number of hours can quickly pass. 

Although we all can experience this occasionally, for some, it can become a regular battle in which they also have to deal with the consequences of inadequate sleep the following day. Here are our top tips to get back to sleep:

4 Ways to build trust in a team

One of the key ingredients within any successful team, both in and out of the workplace is trust. Without it, your team simply won’t perform to the best of their ability or work as effectively as they could do. 

Unfortunately trust can’t be forcibly created, it has to be earned individually by each team member which can make it difficult for managers to help to encourage and facilitate the type of relationship building which results in trust. 

How to spot a team player in an interview

The interviewing process can be stressful for both recruiting managers and candidates, after all, recruiting managers are trying to dissect every aspect of a candidate’s experience and personality during a short conversation. 

When interviewing for a role, hiring managers will have in mind the particular skills and qualities that they are looking for in an ideal candidate. Some of these can be more specific but there are a number of more broad and regularly desirable skills that crop up on a hiring managers ‘must-have’ list. Time and time again, being a ‘team player’ will be a significantly important trait that is sought after.

8 Daily Habits of Successful Leaders

If your inbox and meeting schedule is dominating your working life here are some habits adopted by successful leaders that enable them to retain a fresh perspective and intellectual edge.

1. Get out in the field – Management by walking about tends to illicit far more accurate information than reports and spreadsheets. Making time to get out to network and expose yourself to new individuals and experience can really help to inspire new ideas and creative solutions.

Five tips for giving better feedback

Employee engagement is undoubtedly one of the key management phrases of the moment, with home working becoming more frequent it is important that employees are feeling engaged and motivated during their working hours.

The vicious and virtuous cycles of feedback
Aim for the Virtuous Circle rather than the Vicious Circle, this can positively impact productivity & profitability.

Recent research has found that 65% of employees want more feedback from their employers, the research also found that 4 out of 10 employees that receive no feedback are actively disengaged from their work. Disengaged employees can cause a whole host of problems for employers including performance based and also financial. So how can you ensure that you are effectively providing feedback?

10 Ways To Beat Email Overload

Most of us don’t just rely on email, we are shackled to it.

Email overload has been a growing problem in recent years and has only been made worse by remote working. Instead of colleagues popping over to your desk to ask a quick question, they are now having to send emails. For the more experienced and knowledgeable employees within an organisation, this can cause a huge new influx of daily emails that they never had before and lead to email overload.

Don't let emails get out of hand


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