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Space for Adventure

May 17, 2019

Ranulph Fiennes, Ben Fogle and Dervla Murphy live lives filled with adventure. Whilst the closest many of us get is a visit to Cotswold Outdoors, during our lunch hour.

We have every intention of adding another adventure to our existence, yet we rarely seem to find the time, weather and suitable location to wear the Goretex we bought during that optimistic lunch break. Acquiring the kit is the easy bit, the greater challenge is finding a few days to escape to the wild.

Other than in Scotland and Dartmoor, it is illegal to camp without the land owners’ permission and most campsites forbid real fire and rarely offer the seclusion associated with true adventure. Both Scotland and Dartmoor are quite a trek for nearly 80% of the UK population, with the journey there and back adding at least one if not two days to our precious ‘adventure time’.

Facilitating Adventurous Conversations is at the heart of what we do at Fresh Tracks, whilst this often takes place in hotels and meeting rooms under the guidance of a ‘facilitator’ we also understand that with the right environment groups can share a significant experience with or without our presence. To this end we have established four ‘Adventure Spaces’. Three near London and one near Bath. Location’s where you are free to light a real fire, hang a hammock and reconnect with the natural environment, something that is proven to aid mental health.

Open to individuals and groups these spaces can be accessed at anytime, often at short notice. All we ask is that users follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ code and if we don’t already know you, pay us a visit first so that we can assess whether you are safe and responsible.

More information and prices can be found here. We look forward to our next ‘adventurous conversation’ together.

Leave No trace

• Plan ahead and prepare
• Travel and camp on durable surfaces
• Dispose of waste properly
• Leave what you find
• Minimize camp fire impacts
• Respect wildlife
• Be considerate of others

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