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Is your Desk making you Fat?

How much of your day to you spend sitting?  For many of us we sit at the office, during our commute and later when we are resting at home, maybe as much as 14 hours every day!  Frighteningly, recent research suggests that a day spent sitting at a desk will undo the benefits from cycling to work or going to the gym!

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A number of studies into inactivity have been conducted to try to understand what part sedentary behaviour is playing in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

Don’t Listen to Economists – Learn from Pilots

If the foggy weather and endless reports of economic Armageddon are getting you down, you are not alone. But snap out of it! Negativity is bad for business, our health and our relationships.

Choose Your Attitude

Being in business at present can be a bit like flying in fog but one thing is certain if we don’t keep an eye on our attitude we, like the disorientated pilot, will crash into the ground.

Whilst bad news might sell newspapers a negative attitude is sure to cost your business. For many our attitude is like a virus we pick up from those around us. Both good and bad attitudes are infectious and in the same way that a moody colleague will lower morale an upbeat team mate with a ‘can do’ approach will encourage your team to brighten up and tackle the task ahead….


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