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8 Daily Habits of Successful Leaders

If your inbox and meeting schedule is dominating your working life here are some habits adopted by successful leaders that enable them to retain a fresh perspective and intellectual edge.

1. Get out in the field – Management by walking about tends to illicit far more accurate information than reports and spreadsheets. Making time to get out to network and expose yourself to new individuals and experience can really help to inspire new ideas and creative solutions.

To Fire or not to Fire – 5 considerations to ease the decision

Jim Collins in ‘Good to Great’ talks about getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats and getting the wrong people off the bus. Whilst recruitment and talent management is energising for most managers, firing team members is really tough. Consequently many leaders procrastinate and therefore lead underperforming teams.

do I need to fire a staff member
If you’re wrestling with whether or not to retain an underperforming member of staff here are 5 questions to ask yourself:


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