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10 Tactics to Create Captivating Conferences

Are you struggling with with your post-event survey scores? Are your events lacking in engagement and value adding features? Then it is time to give your event a new itinerary, individuals attend conferences to gain learn new skills, network with new people and share professional experiences, so what can you do to encapsulate all of these whilst keeping it fun and entertaining?

Follow our tips below in order to make your next conference captivating and successful

Contrary to what speaker bureau would have us believe, it is possible to put on an outstanding staff conference without paying a premium for a celebrity to ‘motivate’ the crowd through the graveyard shift.

Top 10 Conference Cock-ups

After 20 years of supporting conferences, we’ve heard some tales that will send shivers up a conference organiser’s spine. Here are a few we can share – there are several more that we can’t.

conference organisers

Don't be left red faced at your own conference - Take note of the mistakes made by others, below, and avoid embarrassment.

1. Theme
If an event has the word ‘annual’ in the title there’s a high chance it shouldn’t be happening at all. …

The Big Picture – Communicating Corporate Values

Finding genuinely effective ways to communicate change in a business can be a challenge. Emails get deleted, newsletters get recycled and live presentations are easily forgotten.

the IMAX cinema

Team building at the largest cinema screen in the UK

With this conundrum in mind Foster’s Group approached Fresh Tracks to come up with a team activity that would bring to life the launch of their new company identity – Treasury Wine Estates. The strategic decision to separate the Foster’s beer and wine business marked a major change not just in name but also in culture, as the company transforms from a general drinks business to a wine specialist.

As with any change there was a degree of cynicism ahead of the conference, especially toward some of the new values and language being used.

Fresh Tracks responded by creating a challenge…

Creating Captivating Conferences

I expect we have all at one time or another sat in a conference feeling bored. As our attention drifts from the indistinct slides and the speaker’s monotone soliloquy to the comfort or otherwise of our seat.

People asleep at a conference

Don't let your conference be a waste of money

We begin to ponder whether the vast sums spent on such events will generate a worthwhile return. All too often expense and time come before imagination and courage. By this we mean that a little time spent thinking creatively about how your event will be sure to engage, inspire and motivate your audience will not only save money but, more importantly, extinguish boredom….


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