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The Case for Experiential Learning – 5 ways we learn better by doing than listening

For years practical activities have been used in team building to help people get to know each other ‘off the job’. In management development case studies and role plays are used to turn theories into experience.

Fresh Tracks offer a range of Team Building activities which can help your employees get to know each other better

Experiential learning is more acceptable now than at any time in the past as participants have become less fearful of leaving the security of the classroom, relishing the opportunity to take a break from the monotony of the lectures.  …

Imagination versus Reason

Business is driven by reason, as is education, but perhaps our desire for everything to add up is causing us to miss out.  

Why does education and employment value reason over imagination?

Around the world from Cambridge to Calcutta, education has the same hierarchy of subjects, maths then languages, humanities and at the bottom, arts.  …

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