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5 Unusual Employee Perks

It’s increasingly important to give staff more than just a pay cheque, not every business can afford health cover so here are some unique employee perks that needn’t break the bank.

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1. Stand up desks
The revolution to get employees off their backsides and upright is well underway and those who have made a stand say there is no going back.

Is your Desk making you Fat?

How much of your day to you spend sitting?  For many of us we sit at the office, during our commute and later when we are resting at home, maybe as much as 14 hours every day!  Frighteningly, recent research suggests that a day spent sitting at a desk will undo the benefits from cycling to work or going to the gym!

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A number of studies into inactivity have been conducted to try to understand what part sedentary behaviour is playing in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

Is there more to life than happiness?

Much has been written and spoken this year on the subject of ‘Happiness’. The Prime Minister wants to measure it, schools are teaching it and most of us claim that when all is said and done we simply want it.

Happiness in the workplace

Happiness comes from the Greek 'Makarios'...

At this time of year a similar word comes to the fore in greetings cards and seasonal songs; that word is ‘Joy’.  As we reflect on the ups and downs of the year gone by it’s worth considering whether next year we should strive for happiness, or for joy….

This Isn’t What I Signed Up For

A friend recently retired early from a successful career as a risk manager in the City.

What career will you choose

We can adapt our priorities to fit our changed world or we can change our career to one that matches our values

He sent this farewell note to friends and contacts:

“After 37 years in the City I have decided to call it a day. I’ve enjoyed my career immensely, and …

Want your staff to be happy? Here are the four components of happiness

There’s been a lot of talk about happiness and general well-being of late.  Here we explore the four components of happiness and ask if busy executives can ever achieve a happy state.

Workplace Happiness Cartoon

Unfortunately this is not an option in the real world

Since becoming the Conservative leader David Cameron has argued that we should be monitoring GWB (General Well Being) alongside GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  This is an idea possibly inspired by the Kingdom of Bhutan’s GNH measure (Gross National Happiness), but Bhutan isn’t facing huge state spending cuts and bailing out neighbouring countries….

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