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Train for a Marathon not a Sprint

Several thousand people ran through London together yesterday as part of the 2016 London Marathon.
Young and old, men and women, ran and walked at different speeds and wore different kit. Despite their differences they shared a desire to finish and they’d all been united in training. From the Kenyan winner to the 80 year old, they all trained, not just one or twice but several times for months preceding the challenge.

Less Time in Meetings, More Action

Meetings are regarded by many as the least productive time spent at work. But really the opposite should be true. Good meetings improve communication, produce good decisions, generate great ideas and motivate teams.

Unfortunately too many meetings lack purpose, structure and energy and therefore not only waste time but also demotivate good people. In his book ‘Death by Meetings‘ Patrick Lencioni suggests a fresh approach to business meetings, adapting the structure, location and purpose to prevent discussions going off track and failing to reach conclusions. Here is a summary from the book you can use to turn meeting monotony into profitable parley….

5 Steps Towards Better Meetings

Our forthcoming seminar on Improving Productivity on the 16th March will give you some tips on getting the most from meetings.

Office Olympic meetings

Want your team to perform like champions? Use the pointers below to keep your meetings on track.

In the meantime, here are some quick pointers inspired by a Japanese car manufacturer that has meeting guidelines pinned to the wall of every conference room. Why not paste these meeting guidelines alongside agendas to keep your meetings on track:…

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