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Learning from Olympic Teams

We have had the privilege of working alongside a number of Olympic Teams and athletes, they are amongst the most determined and driven individuals we have come across, yet they all understand that their success requires the support and cooperation of others, a wider team.

British Canoeing Team Bonding Around the Camp Fire

British Canoeing Team Bonding Around the Camp Fire

Last summer we worked with the British Canoeing Team. At the time the team was twice the size and going into the World Championship knowing that some would be selected for the Olympics and some not. …

Leading Gold Medal Teams

As London greets the world’s best teams there’s a great deal that leaders of workplace teams can learn from their example.

Paul Deighton

As CEO of LOCOG Paul Deighton has said that one of his main tasks has been to "maintain everybody's focus, morale, energy and belief". Do all CEOs do this?

Here are three of the things leaders of workplace teams could learn:…

Olympic Tickets Available – at a price

I received an email recently inviting me to buy Prestige Olympic Tickets. It was from a LOCOG accredited source and the tickets were genuine and amongst the best available. But, they come at a price, £7500 for the Opening Ceremony!

Office Olympic Games

To help organisations perform like an Olympic team we've created the 2012 Office Games

It’s unlikely that many of us will be able to justify taking our teams to the games but we should certainly seize the opportunity to replicate the behaviours of world class sports teams in our own work groups….

Our New Olympic Team Building Event – The 2012 Office Games

Whether you managed to get tickets or not, and whether you live close to an Olympic venue or not, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London are going to generate huge amounts of media coverage, visitors and international sporting attention making it nigh on impossible to miss.

Olympic Team Building Activities

As preparations for the Olympics intensify consider this Olympic team building activity as a way to raise your team’s game

As winners step up to the podium we’ll be hearing about the importance of working together as a team and finding the strength and determination to succeed, sometimes against the odds. …

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